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Our award-winning engineering team optimizes performance and value by leveraging industry-leading knowledge, processes, tools, and operational experience to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions with an emphasis on sustainability.

We offer comprehensive engineering services across multiple disciplines at every phase of a project's life cycle, from inception to construction administration and field engineering. Our processes and tools are shared for consistency across geographic regions, industry sectors, facility types, and project sizes.

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Through our industry-leading Knowledge, Skill & Passion, we enable our clients to create and manufacture life-impacting products around the world.

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Engineering Specialties

  • Automation

    Our automation experts design and implement custom solutions that produce higher quality products, improve safety, and reduce manufacturing times. 

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  • Critical Utilities

    IPS designs and delivers state-of-the-art, cost-effective solutions for critical utility generation, storage, and distribution that incorporate innovative features to maximize efficiency and minimize the environmental impact of these systems. 

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  • Process

    Our process and bioprocess engineers provide technical solutions that ensure capacity to meet market demand while streamlining production, maximizing efficiency, and ensuring safety.

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  • Sustainability & LEED Solutions

    Our design experts integrate sustainability into every design, without sacrificing project schedule, budget, and quality. 

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Our internationally recognized Mechanical and HVAC team designs energy efficient, compliant, maintainable, and sustainable systems and solutions for technically complex manufacturing facilities, laboratories, central utility plants, offices, warehousing and packaging facilities, and data centers, across a wide range of industries.   

We offer comprehensive mechanical/HVAC and plumbing design services for new and existing facilities through construction administration.  These services include:

  • HVAC and plumbing design for facilities including load calculations, equipment selection, ductwork and piping distribution systems, specifications and construction drawings.  
  • Energy modeling using building computer models and simulation weather data to develop building energy profiles. The energy profiles utilize actual or proposed building envelop and mechanical, electrical, plumbing and process systems, under varying operating and occupied conditions.   IPS Energy modeling services may be provided for LEED Energy and Atmospheric Credits or Utility Company Rebate programs.
  • Pipe flow modeling to assist in sizing new hydronic systems or trouble shoot operational problems, flow or temperature, in a client’s existing central plant operation.
  • Pipe stress analysis for large piping systems using computer models and simulation under operating conditions to determine stresses in piping and at equipment for the purpose of optimizing piping design and designing for dynamic conditions.
  • Central utility plant design to provide extensive experience designing, renovating and upgrading complex mechanical systems, while minimizing downtime and improving reliability and efficiency. 

Our international team of electrical engineers and designers specialize in a number of electrical systems. Our staff use technology and a common intranet platform to share our intimate knowledge of local codes and regulations across states and countries so each member can design a fully compliant and up-to-code system.

We engineer systems of all types including:

  • Medium voltage systems
  • Utility service interface
  • Site power distribution
  • Emergency generation and distribution
  • Building power and lighting systems
  • Fire alarm, security and communication systems
  • Motor control center design

Our range of international engagements encompass commercial, institutional and industrial facilities including technically complex pharmaceutical manufacturing, laboratories and Research and Development as well as administrative, higher educational facilities, central utility plants and healthcare facilities. 

IPS leverages an uncommonly broad range of expertise that weaves process and facility piping systems to into a coordinated design meeting the varied and sometimes conflicting requirements of the process, facility and life-safety systems, and satisfying the needs of different regulatory expectations associated with each system.

Plumbing piping is an integral component of our MEP services; it’s at the core of almost every project we execute. Our team of plumbing engineers and designers adhere to ASPE, ASSE, ASTM, CGA, ASME, ANSI, AGA, DIN, ISO and other state, local and International icodes where relevant. This includes engineering for drainage, natural gas, process waste, domestic water systems for building utility operations.

Fire protection and life safety systems are critical to the industries and people we serve. Our team of specialists, designers, and engineers are acutely aware of the risks posed by the facilities we design, and provide detection and suppression system solutions that comply with the state, local and international code regulations and insurance recommendations for handling and dispensing hazardous material.

Our experts work tirelessly to optimize our client's return on investment - carefully evaluating each project's requirements, technologies, and systems. By leveraging holistic design tools that optimize energy and water conservation, as well as rebates for financing high efficiency solutions, our sustainable designs deliver lower operational costs and a higher return on investment.

With decades of collective experience in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, oil and gas, and chemical process industries, our experts have the knowledge to provide tailored solutions for your process safety management needs.

We can:

  • Facilitate your process hazard analysis studies using HAZOP, HAZID, Checklist or What-If techniques
  • Develop, implement and audit process safety management programs to meet your regulatory or internal requirements.

Computational Flow Dynamics (CFD) analysis studies the airflow inside clean rooms, the airflow around the building, or specific fluid flows around complex heat exchangers. Our industry expertise in clean room design paired with our cutting edge CFD modeling lets us take a design (completed, in progress, or concept) and rapidly prototype how changes to the design will affect the airflow in the room and around critical areas. IPS provides optimized designs to our clients and gives additional insights to our validation team as they execute smoke studies and OQ/PQ inside of the spaces.

Our design experts deliver innovative, compliant, safe, efficient, and sustainable solutions for technically complex manufacturing, research and development, and healthcare facilities throughout the world.  Working closely with our clients, we are driving the industry towards environmental responsibility and energy conservation, without sacrificing project schedule, budget, and quality.  

Planning for Sustainability
In order to gain maximum environmental benefits IPS promotes early studies that seek to reveal hybrid benefits of energy and water systems, and research of innovative materials and methods. Together with the client team, we work on the project schedule to allocate optimal time and sufficient resources for the critical early phases of the project in order to do our diligence in understanding the constraints and complex process opportunities that will shape each unique project. 

LEED Services
We have guided a number of high profile manufacturing facilities through the LEED certification process using our strong integrated team and quantifiable data. By defining available solutions and providing cost information on options, we empower the client to make informed decisions that are aligned with the endeavor to achieve environmental sustainability.

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