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Mission Zero Safety Program

Safety is a mindset. Safe projects require commitment at all levels of the organization and promote safe behavior, positive attitudes, sound judgment, and good decisions. Our team places safety above all other considerations in executing our work. We strive at all times to create a 100% safe work environment, on-site and in the office, with zero accidents and zero injuries.

To support our culture of safety, we created our Mission Zero Safety Program. The purpose of the program is to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all employees. By developing expectations and standards, providing training and ensuring continual education and improvement in construction job-site and workplace/office safety and health, we promote safety awareness and demonstrate safe behavior. From a project standpoint, we insist that our contractors understand and share our values to ensure our clients receive the highest level of project safety. This is the backbone that inspires all of the safety procedures put in place for each location based on local requirement. Mission Zero is more than just project safety; it’s about everyone’s safety!

We continue to work strategically and collaboratively toward achieving a positive safety culture and creating safe workplace environments. Our core tenets of Mission Zero Safety Program are:

  • Commitment to an incident and injury-free workplace from every employee
  • Zero tolerance for safety inadequacies
  • Continual development and advancement of safety training programs 
  • Promote safety with the first topic of discussion at every meeting
  • Review ASAP, within 24 hours, every recordable incident for company and trade partners

Our outstanding safety record on past and current projects and our unmatched corporate commitment to safety enables us to assist our clients in addressing specific safety needs. Our success in providing safe projects and safe jobsites results in tremendous cost savings for our clients, and above all else fosters the safety of everyone involved.

  • IPS Safety Newsletter

    Summer 2018

    We are proud of our safety culture, and the role our subcontractors play in ensuring and incident and injury-free workplace.  Our Safety Newsletter highlights our commitment safety and our strong performance across job sites.

    IPS Safety Newsletter


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