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Gerald Cerulli, PE

Sr. Process Engineer


"Potent Compounds require special attention to details. IPS has a proven track record in the design of these facilities. I look forward to discussing client needs."

Gerald has over 30 years of experience with batch and continuous process engineering. He is recognized as an expert/consultant in the best practices for the containment of potent compounds, Clean-in-Place (CIP) and has extensive experience with batch hydrogenation facilities and solvent processing. Gerald is experienced in providing flexible/adaptable batch processing solutions to clients' problems. He also has extensive knowledge of contamination control strategies (airflow and barrier technology) and CIP approaches for bulk chemical production. Jerry has worked on several major projects throughout the United States and Asia, and has managed a group of over twenty-five professionals from various backgrounds.

  • B.S. - Chemical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • B.A. - Chemistry, Franklin and Marshall College
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
  • International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE)
  • American Glovebox Society (AGS)
  • Cerulli, Gerald, et al. "Clean-in-Place for Biopharmaceutical Processes: Cleanable API Processing Equipment Systems." Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2008.
  • Cerulli, Gerald. "Case Study, Syltherm System Start-Up." Chemical Engineering, 2004.
  • Cerulli, Gerald. "Containment Systems – A Design Guide." Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2002.
  • Cerulli, Gerald and John Franks. "Making a Case for Clean-in-Place: boil-up methods are no longer the standard for cleaning high-purity process reactors." Chemical Engineering, 1 February 2002.
  • Cerulli, Gerald. "Sizing Up Pharmaceutical Pilot Plants." Chemical Engineering, April 2000.
  • Cerulli, Gerald. “Chemical/Bio Containment: A Comparison of Requirements and Approaches.” ISPE, March 2004.
  • Cerulli, Gerald. “Trends in Containment of API Substances.” ISPE, February 2003.
  • Cerulli, Gerald. “Containment of a Potent Tumor-Activated Prodrug (TAP) at Clinical Trials Scale.” AIChE, November 2001.
  • Cerulli, Gerald. “Strategies for CIP in Bulk Pharmaceutical Systems.” Chem Show, October 2001.
  • Cerulli, Gerald. “Strategies for Containment of Potent Compounds in Pilot and Chemical Trials Facilities.” ISPE, December 1995.
  • Cerulli, Gerald. “Containment of Potent Compounds in API Facilities.” ISPE, February 1995.
  • Cerulli, Gerald. “Containment Solutions for Primary Facilities.” ISPE, September 1994.
  • Cerulli, Gerald. “Design Development of Potent Bulk Facilities.” ISPE, September 1993.

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