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About IPS

Our Story

IPS-Integrated Project Services, LLC is one of the fastest-growing companies in the AEC industry with a global reach that spans over 17 countries in five continents. Through the acquisition by Berkshire Hathaway in 2022, IPS proudly became part of the multinational conglomerate’s family of companies.

IPS was founded in 1989 as a unique firm focused on aligning our services with the business drivers of our clients and delivering projects on an integrated design-build platform. It was quite innovative and bold at that time. Since then, we have developed, executed, and advanced a number of strategies to reach our global status today.

Throughout IPS’ history, there have been many activities that have positively impacted the company. In 2007, the leadership team set their vision to spearhead our growth. During this period, IPS transitioned from being an execution-based company to a knowledge-based company and attracted several SMEs that do not just design and construct facilities but solve a client’s problem. Our extensive roster of industry-recognized SMEs, many of whom bring valuable owner-side operating experience, possess deep global regulatory and best-in-class technical expertise.

Continuing on the path of growth, IPS became a majority investor in The Cardinal Group, based in Burlington, Massachusetts, in 2019. With this addition, IPS’ construction management services gained a larger presence in the Northeast United States and the ability to further support fast-track delivery of life sciences projects, enabling clients to get their products to market quickly and safely.

In 2021 IPS took a significant step in advancing our best-in-class services around the globe with the acquisition of multinational consulting firm Linesight. By incorporating its construction consultancy services and strategic support to multiple sectors, IPS has become one of the AEC industry’s fastest-growing organizations. 

In 2023, Springtide, a division of IPS, was formed to provide EPCM services in the advanced technologies industries. Springtide is expanding the reach of the IPS Enterprise to create a more technically advanced and sustainable world.

Today, IPS remains at the forefront of new technologies and innovations in the industry. Clients reach out to us because of our recognizable brand of knowledge leadership. As we continue to grow with the support of Berkshire Hathaway, we do not lose sight of what has brought us here today: listening to the needs and challenges of our clients and providing integrated project and business solutions that help them create and manufacture life-impacting products.

United Kingdom Tax Strategy can be found here.


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