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Energy, Sustainability & Conservation
Energy, Sustainability & Conservation

A man talks to a woman in front of a sun lit window on green chairs.
A man talks to a woman in front of a sun lit window on green chairs.

Our subject matter experts deliver innovative, compliant, safe, efficient, and sustainable solutions for technically complex manufacturing, research and development, and healthcare facilities throughout the world. Working closely with our clients, we are driving the industry towards environmental responsibility and energy conservation, without sacrificing project schedule, budget, and delivery deadlines.

Our sustainability strategy leverages measurable project-specific opportunities to support portfolio-wide targets for carbon, energy, water and waste. Utilizing our technical subject matter experts from design through construction to commissioning, we aim to deliver the highest functioning and most efficient facilities.

IPS infuses sustainability within our greater EPCMV services. We go beyond the traditional scope of engineering services, with the sustainability team managing cross-functional and interdisciplinary coordination to achieve innovative strategies in energy management, decarbonization and water use reduction in design. Whether pursuing LEED certification or other corporate goals, the sustainability team continues coordination with IPS estimating, procurement and construction teams to transform design into delivery. Excellence in project execution also optimizes materials with sustainable attributes and minimizes the environmental impact of construction operations. Rounding out our impact on the building life cycle, IPS leverages our in-house commissioning resources to assure the most efficient ongoing building operations with happy and healthy occupants.

a graph showing a decision making process to enhance a construction project's sustainability and efficiency.

Utility Cost Optimization: Our experts work tirelessly to optimize our client's return on investment - carefully evaluating each project's requirements, technologies, and systems. By leveraging holistic design tools that optimize energy usage and water conservation, as well as rebates for financing high efficency solutions, our sustainable designs deliver lower operational costs and a higher return on investment.

LEED Services: Using quantifiable data, client-facing visualization tools, and strong team relationships, we have guided a number of high profile manufacturing facilities through the LEED certification process. We offer our clients:

  • LEED feasibility studies, planning and budgeting
  • LEED design and construction alignment
  • LEED certification administration
  • Energy modeling
  • Daylight modeling
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Sustainable materials sourcing
  • Construction waste management planning
  • Construction activity pollution prevention planning
  • Indoor environmental quality planning
  • LEED-enhanced commissioning

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