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Our technical and subject matter experts have earned their title through years of accomplishment. Many have worked in or come from industry and have walked in our client's shoes, witnessing firsthand the challenges of complex industry. 

IPS offers comprehensive technical and business consulting services across geographic regions, industry sectors, and facility types. From planning and "inceptioneering," to providing benchmarking studies, our experts review and analyze our clients’ needs to provide cost-effective solutions to achieve their project and business objectives.

By driving innovation and maximizing value, our consulting services provide clients with a significant operational advantage.

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Through our industry-leading Knowledge, Skill & Passion, we enable our clients to create and manufacture life-impacting products around the world.

Consulting Specialties

  • Strategic & Facility Master Planning

    We develop facility and site master plans for organizations of all sizes across multiple industries to optimize capital allocation, improve efficiencies and to mitigate operational risks.

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  • Inceptioneering

    Our proprietary planning process delivers affordable guidance from our industry-leading technical and subject matter experts to develop early-stage project ideas.

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  • CGMP Compliance

    Our industry-leading compliance experts provide an unmatched understanding of the ever-changing global regulatory landscape. We provide our clients with relevant, compliant and current guidance to equip them to make effective CGMP Compliance decisions to support their business objectives and quality management system requirements.

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  • Operational Excellence, Strategy, & Planning

    Our technical and subject matter experts help companies define market position, identify competitive advantages, and plan for growth.

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  • Technology Transfer

    Our industry leading subject matter experts provide guidance and support that speed products to market. 

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  • Cost Benchmarking

    Our clients engage our subject matter experts to measure, analyze, and refine project costs across the life sciences industry, facility types, and geographic regions.  

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  • Energy, Sustainability & Conservation

    Our design experts integrate sustainability into every design, without sacrificing project schedule, budget, and quality. 

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