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As part of our core values of Knowledge, Skill & Passion, we promote sustainable design and support choices that are better for the environment.

Taking on Environmental Responsibility

The industries we serve consume significant amounts of natural resources and energy, and hence even small improvements can result in significant savings over the life of a facility. IPS promotes sustainable practices in all the work we do. We are excited to collaborate with clients that recognize the importance of minimizing the facility’s environmental impact and value human health and well-being as criteria for facility design.

We know the challenges and we aim to lead pharma and biotech industries towards environmental awareness and energy conservation. As designers we have great influence on the environmental impact these facilities will have. In response, IPS has developed a sustainability program that is followed throughout the design to ensure sustainable results, measurable economic benefits to our clients, and smooth project delivery.

Emphasis on Early Intervention

Incorporating sustainable practices must start from the very beginning in order to gain maximum environmental benefits. We promote early studies that reveal hybrid benefits of energy and water systems, and research of innovative new materials and methods. The extended, multidiscipline team is mobilized early in the process to brainstorm systems to be considered, review adjacencies that may contribute to energy and water efficiency, and to advise on best path to reach sustainability goals for the project. We believe sustainability is too complicated for simply guessing the best approach.

Being Prepared

To make sustainability real on every project on a day-to-day basis, we create project schedules that allocate optimal time and sufficient resources for each critical phase of the project. Our experts use this time to get a complete understanding of the constraints and complex opportunities that will shape each unique project. As a result we are able to offer competitive, streamlined solutions for energy conservation and sustainable design.

Expressing the Values

IPS nurtures a culture of knowledge sharing and continuous training within our teams. We strive for leveraging the latest environmentally friendly technology and innovation to benefit our unique projects. We are passionate about sustainability and environmental responsibility – and want that to help our clients to implement projects that we all can be proud of. By educating the team and providing information related to available options, we empower the client to make informed decisions that are aligned with the endeavor to achieve environmental sustainability.

Contact us to learn more about IPS’ Sustainability Program and our experience in creating a better planet.


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