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Modular Design, Construction and Installation of QC Labs Image 1

Modular Design, Construction and Installation of QC Labs

Challenge from the Client

In June 2016 the UK voted by referendum to leave the European Union and there was no agreement that the UK will enjoy mutual recognition with the EU. The consequence of this is that products for sale in the UK need both testing and release in the UK and products solely released and/or tested in the UK may not be sold in the EU. After a high-level assessment, our client gave direction that preparations should be based primarily on protecting exports from the UK into the EU. To that end, a “strategic fit” of an existing poultry site in Spain was identified to “copy and paste” the existing facility in the UK. 

Our Approach & Solution

IPS was to deliver a new 736sq.m single-storey modular build quality control (QC) facility in Spain. The design philosophy is based on an existing UK facility, which was a copy/paste of the existing design whilst incorporating lessons learned and local Spanish regulations or specific site requirements. The facility is a “non-classified GMP,” where GMP best practices were followed and the facility met all requirements of European Council Regulations and client standards. 

The modular building consists of 20 “standard” modules which are fabricated in the UK by the same contractor that completed the existing UK facility. IPS together with the UK modular build contractor engaged with a local Spanish consultant to ensure mandatory compliance with local regulations are maintained. Utility generation plant required to operate the QC building is provided locally on site. Each individual module was transported from the UK to site by road on a specialised transport lorries.

The new quality control facility performs safety and potency testing for the process and packaging with a target batch capacity of 1 billion doses per year. The QC facility rears and houses live chickens for use in the potency and safety testing of Paracox P8 and P5 and disposes of them post testing. The building includes seven testing rooms, associated support rooms for animal rearing, change facilities, store, cage washer, disposal, preparation and testing of samples areas, and utility plant (HVAC and electrical) room.

The Results

The modular build has a 16 week factory construction period including a factory inspection week prior to shipping. Transportation of all 20 modules takes approximately 3 weeks from the UK to Spain. The site fit-out programme is scheduled for a 7 week period prior to the commissioning of the building which is scheduled for additional 5 weeks.


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