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CQV: A Human Challenge Image 1

CQV: A Human Challenge

Challenge from the Client

In this case it was not a deliberate challenge set by the client but the circumstances lead to the challenge: The project was a greenfield animal health project, that was technically not very complex. The real challenge was that the project was not properly planned, which led to friction between the construction company that hired IPS and the client.

Our Approach & Solution

We created a very cohesive CQV team consisting of the client QA, the construction team CQV responsible and the IPS CQV lead. This team was very flexible in the execution of the CQV tasks (SAT, IOQ). This approach calmed down the whole project and helped the project to be finalized in a reasonable time frame.

The Results

The client was very happy with the leadership IPS CQV took in this project. He stated: "You not only structured the work, but you owned the work by pushing and pulling the work in in a persistent but always respectful manner. You put all your hard and soft skills in the project to make it happen."


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