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3D Modelling and Laser Scanning Image 1

3D Modelling and Laser Scanning

Challenge from the Client

As part of a much larger project, IPS designed and installed a new PTW generation skid and pipework connections within our client’s existing manufacturing plant room, located in the basement. The new PTW skid was to be designed around existing live equipment, utility services, containment, and pipework and have no effect on them. 

Our Approach & Solution

A 3D laser scanning survey was used to get an exact survey of the room. The new PTW equipment and pipework was modelled intelligently using 3D CAD and BIM Coordination software incorporating the laser scan.

The Results

Having the laser scan visible in the model provided an extremely valuable tool for the IPS mechanical design team to coordinate and design the new system as well as providing the client with 100% confidence during the design review process that the new design was right for the installation of new equipment and pipework, while maintaining access to the existing items with the room.


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