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Delivering a New Building with Two Project Teams Image 1

Delivering a New Building with Two Project Teams

Challenge from the Client

Provided the client and building tenant with construction management services for the interior fit-out of a new 50,000sf pharmaceutical testing facility while a separate vendor constructed the core & shell for the landlord.

Our Approach & Solution

IPS was the construction manager for a client’s new testing operations facility. The client also contracted a separate architect and engineering firm. Our client also leased the space from a landlord who was in the process of constructing the new building with different construction manager and architect. This created a complicated web of responsibility for the project with 2 owners, 2 builders and 2+ designers. Clear communication between all parties was crucial. Many aspects of our client’s design had to be approved by the property owner. To make this even more complicated, the landlord was sold towards the end of the project.

The project had a 6-month timeline, beginning in October 2019 and ending in April 2020. Due to the limited timeframe, the project schedule was crucial from the beginning. Some equipment that had to be ordered well in advance included AHUs, chiller, HHW boilers, steam boiler, generator, RODI and waste neutralization skids, and more. Several pull plan meetings were held to allow contractors to collaborate on how the project would be delivered in such a short timeframe. The team also utilized Procore for submittals, RFIs, punch lists, meetings, file transfers and much more. It was an extremely valuable tool to stay organized with the many project team members.

The Results

One of the main ways we saved time one the schedule was prefabricating large sections of utility racking which included ductwork, HVAC piping, plumbing piping and process piping. Sections of racking were lifted onto the 3rd floor using a crane. This saved significant time on site and opened up more work for other trades more quickly. The landlord’s fire protection contractor did not possess 3D modeling software. Due to the high density of above ceiling utilities, 3D modeling was crucial for all trades throughout the project. IPS' mechanical contractor helped the fire protection contractor to integrate their fire protection design into the building model to help eliminate clashes.

The roof was scheduled to complete by the end of October and was watertight in early December. The scheduled completion date was April 8th, 2020 and IPS kept the project on schedule with the help of some additional manpower. One month before the scheduled completion date, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The project had to shut down shortly several times to protect worker health. After some adjustments were made to account for social distancing, the project continued on and was still able to receive its certificate of occupancy on schedule.


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