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Mobile Modular Vaccine Facility Image 1

Mobile Modular Vaccine Facility

Challenge from the Client

Deliver a modular vaccine facility capable of being relocated anywhere in the world with minimal host facility requirements.

Our Approach & Solution

Through a truly integrated delivery model, the IPS team fully modularized the facility through partnerships for the mechanical superskid and the clean rooms. The cleanrooms were constructed in Texas and the superskids (along with interconnections) were fabricated in Pennsylvania. The superskid integrated all of the support utilities (WFI, clean steam, make-up air, chilled water, compressed air, waste neutralization, CIP and electrical distribution) into a four-module skid which was fully tested off-site and included all of the spool pieces and support structure to directly connect to the modular facility. The early coordination and integrated planning effort allowed the team to set in place, make interconnections and start-up the facility in a two-week window. Allowing the facility to be ready to receive production equipment.

Through another partnership, the IPS team was able to absorb a re-siting decision made by the client after 90% host facility drawings were issued. This re-siting drove the team to redesign the host facility and construct a new 16,800sf. host building. The design of the modular facility and the need for limited utilities (water, electric, sewer) gave the team the ability to design, permit and construct the new host building without an impact on the overall completion date for the project. The production equipment remained on critical path.

The Results

The project team's EPCMV approach resulted in high praise from the client's senior leadership:
"I wanted to emphasize the critical part [the team played] in coordinating the efforts to finishing the project, ensuring knowledge continuity and upskilling the site. They have been instrumental in doing this project differently, building a high performing team and delivering to our commitments. Please extend our appreciation to them on behalf of the project team for a job well done!
There is a real success story here with team dynamics, communication, collaboration and working for the common good."


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