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IPS and CNIC Partner to Raise the Bar for Patients Fighting Cancer and Disease Around the World

Jan 23, 2020


IPS and CNIC Partner to Raise the Bar for Patients Fighting Cancer and Disease Around the World

Jan 23, 2020


TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA – January 23, 2019 – IPS-Integrated Project Services, ULC, a leading provider of Engineering, Procurement, Construction Administration and Validation (EPCAV) services, has partnered with the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council (CNIC) to support Canada’s Isotope Sector.

This past year, IPS Canada was selected by BWXT ITG Canada, Inc. to provide the basis of design and detailed design for BWX Technologies, Inc. (BWXT) - a Canadian leader in the isotope sector and CNIC member - for the expansion of their medical isotope and radiopharmaceutical facility expansion in Ottawa.

“The potential for growth in the isotope space provides an invaluable opportunity to leverage Ontario’s established nuclear supply chain. The landscape of medical isotope production in Ontario is diverse and burgeoning with opportunity to take charge of the international isotope landscape,” said Paula Casalino P.Eng., Vice President Operations – IPS Canada. “Uniting with the CNIC illustrates our commitment and passion to working with Canadian partners to ensure the delivery of cutting-edge medical technologies to help patients around the world.”

Today, more than 10,000 hospitals around the world use medical isotopes for sterilization, diagnostic imaging, and cancer treatment. The world has always counted on Canada, but the fragility of the efforts has threatened the critical supply of these materials.

“2020 can be the year that Canada takes major leaps forward to ensure the world has a reliable supply of isotopes for the next decade and beyond that patients, families, and physicians are counting on to fight cancer and other medical conditions. The groundwork that is underway across Canada from universities, hospitals, companies, charities, nuclear power operators, and the cyclotron community have positioned Canada to play the role we always have – a leader,” said James Scongack, Chair of the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council.

Scongack adds, “There are solutions, and the CNIC is here to work with the government to find them. Canada is a leader in the fight against cancer and disease, but our work isn’t nearly done. The time is now to make a renewed commitment to finding new programs, products, and procedures to improve people’s lives. It is time for all levels of government to come together and work toward a common goal that helps fight cancer and saves lives.”

Together, IPS and CNIC hope to promote public awareness about the use and benefits of medical/industrial isotopes and radiation technologies and work with government stakeholders to ensure that the public policy landscape promotes innovation and supports the increased proliferation of medical and industrial isotope uses.

Combining these activities ensures Canadian leadership in the isotope sector and enhances the ability to manufacture life-impacting products for years to come.


About The Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council
The CNIC is a coalition of science, health care, and nuclear sector organizations to ensure Canada remains a world leader in the production of life-saving isotopes by bringing awareness and supporting long-term policies at the domestic and international level that will save countless lives and support health-care innovation for decades to come. To learn more about the CNIC visit and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

For more information, please contact:

Andrew Thiele 
Strategist, Government and Stakeholder Relations – Corporate Affairs 
Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council
About IPS 
IPS-Integrated Project Services, ULC is the Canadian entity of IPS-Integrated Project Services, LLC, a global leader in developing innovative business solutions for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Through operational expertise and industry-leading knowledge, skill, and passion, IPS-Integrated Project Services, LLC provides consulting, architecture, engineering, construction management, and compliance services that allow clients to create and manufacture life-impacting products around the world. Headquartered in Blue Bell, PA-USA, IPS-Integrated Project Services, LLC is one of the fastest-growing companies servicing the life sciences industry with nearly 1,400 professionals in the US, Canada, Brazil, UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Singapore, China, and India. Visit our website at and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

For more information, please contact:

Paula Casalino
Vice President Operations - Canada
IPS-Integrated Project Services, ULC 

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