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Where Innovation Thrives


Where Innovation Thrives

Equipped to serve as a one-stop shop for its clients around the world, for the last thirty years IPS has set the standard for project excellence in the life sciences market, ever-committed to innovation, collaboration, growth, and the adoption of new technologies and construction practices.

“From our inception we were pretty entrepreneurial and innovative in the way that we delivered. The rapid advancements of technology – we see that as a differentiator for us,” said Mark Butler, President and Managing Director of the Americas region. “The new technologies that are coming out, new ways to deliver faster projects and ultimately to help our customers succeed – that’s really our overall mission.”

Butler went on to explain that IPS was “founded pretty much as a disruptor to the pharmaceutical industry. The plan thirty years ago was to create a one-stop shop for the pharmaceutical industry where you could get design, construction and validation or qualification services under one roof.” This was unheard of in the 1980s when these services were typically fragmented and only offered individually.

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