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Tom Chapman

Sr. Vice President, Construction


"Use teamwork and collaboration to bring the best value to every project."

Thomas has over 30 years in the biopharmaceutical EPCM business focused on integrated lean project delivery. His area of expertise is the delivery of fast-track off-site modular manufacturing facility construction. This approach produces value in terms of time savings and enhanced reliability for customers in the realization of their capital projects. His capabilities include organizing and directing project teams using lean practices such as target value design, takt time planning and Last Planner scheduling, and workflow from concept to qualification.

  • M.P.M. - Master Project Management, Villanova University
  • International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE)
  • LEAN Construction Institute (LCI)
  • Construction User Round Table (CURT)
  • Chapman, Tom. “Afternoon Plenary Sessions - Stream F: Case 24 - Private Projects.” LCI (Lean Construction Ireland National Conference), 20 November 2018, Dublin, Ireland.
  • Chapman, Tom. "Value Through Collaboration." Lean Construction Ireland National Conference, 20 November 2018, Dublin, Ireland.

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