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Packaging and Warehouse
Packaging and Warehouse

At the forefront of the industry, our experts continuously acquire knowledge on the latest technologies, equipment, and methodologies to prepare goods for distribution. The IPS packaging teams tailor solutions to the unique challenges and desires of our clients. Partnerships with our clients are key to a successful project that produces a result specific to the project goals and objectives. Working together, we define a balance between efficiency, flexibility, quality, and cost that is unique to each facility and installation all the while maintaining focus on regulatory requirements.

Using our industry-leading knowledge and experience, we develop process flows, equipment standards, and packaging layouts including material and personnel movements. Our team continues serving the client through vendor evaluation, bid comparison, equipment recommendation, and vendor management from design through qualification.

Packaging Services and Expertise  


  • Business case analysis
  • Packaging master planning
  • Serialization master planning
  • Capacity Planning


  • Operational excellence and optimization
  • Equipment replacement
  • Containment and high potency handling and safeguards
  • Capacity review

New Installations

  • Packaging plan concept, design, build, and execution
  • Risk assessments
  • Commissioning documentation development and execution (FAT/SAT)
  • Validation documentation and execution (IQ/OQ/PQ)

Facility Integration

  • Zone transition requirements
  • Quality and inspection areas
  • Equipment cleaning and storage requirements
  • Component and finished goods warehousing

URS and Purchase Specification Development

  • Operational requirements
  • Functions
  • Technical requirements
  • Constraints

Vendor Selection Assistance

  • Service and support
  • Integration services
  • Quality systems review
  • Customization capability

Project Coordination and Design

  • Detailed line layouts
  • Interface design coordination
  • Engineering and life cycle documentation design reviews
  • Functional requirement, software design, and hardware design specifications


Warehouse Optimization

IPS is committed to offering the best and broadest range of technical expertise available in the industry. We offer operations management consulting focusing on areas including operational excellence, manufacturing, quality operation and supply chain management. 


IPS Warehouse Design and Sizing Expertise & Analysis Types

  • Value stream mapping
  • Material and work flow analysis: receiving, put away, dispensing, picking, kitting, inspection, shipping and cycle count
  • Storage utilization analysis and optimization
  • ABC analysis
  • Storage, racking, and staging systems
  • FIFO and LIFO requirements, product size distribution, product allocation strategy analysis
  • Labor utilization
  • Warehouse layout design review / initial conceptual design
  • Technology analysis, current WMS evaluation, RF technology: requirements and processes 
  • Inventory levels per SKU and min / max levels

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