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Stephen R. Franey, AIA, NCARB

Director, Architecture


"I believe the key to such success has been our team’s ability to foster a culture where staff has a sense of meaningful purpose."

Stephen has over 30 years of experience in the design and construction industry with over 20 years as an IPS key contributor focused in the pursuit for excellence through a balance of company/departmental operations and architectural design. As Director of Architecture at IPS, Stephen's chief responsibilities include company and departmental vision, long-term department strategies, career-path guidance, comprehensive project, and design leadership, and operational management and leadership responsibilities for the IPS North American architectural offices.  Stephen is dedicated in helping his talented team of professionals strive to reach their highest level of achievement through principles of meritocracy, the bedrock of the department’s success and cultural framework.

Stephen disseminates his diverse IPS biopharmaceutical & laboratory knowledge to his team which includes; greenfield strategic master-planning, specialty laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing design excellence for aseptic, OSD, biotech, transdermal, antigen, bulk API, and manufacturing support facilities including, primary-secondary packaging, GMP warehousing, DEA-related, cold and environmental storage, H-use hazardous design, OSHA-safety, and many other unique project types. 

In addition to Stephen's industry design and operational leadership abilities, his skillsets include being an experienced ISPE industry speaker, published author, university professor, and technologist. Stephen continues to work with his team to develop improved design solutions driven by available technologies in addition to seeking new business solutions & opportunities while encouraging those around him to continue their pursuit for excellence.

  • B. Arch. - Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
  • American Institute of Architecture (AIA)
  • National Counsel of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB
  • International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE)
  • Franey, Stephen and Andrew A. Signore. "Enhancing Delivery of Complex Facilities with Building Information Modeling (BIM) Technology.” ISPE, Pharmaceutical Engineering Magazine, September/October 2009, Volume 29, Number 5.
  • Franey, Stephen and Edward Tannebaum. "Smart Buildings Require Smart Builders." Jefferson University, 2015-Present, Philadelphia, PA, Guest Lecturer / Speaker.
  • Franey, Stephen and Andy Signore. "Smart Buildings Require Smart Builders." Drexel University, 2012-Present, Philadelphia, PA, Guest Lecturer / Speaker.
  • Franey, Stephen, Andy Signore, and Ron Salutric. "Advanced BioPharma Project Implementation." DBIA Pennsylvania Chapter Annual Conference, 4 March 2009, Plymouth Meeting, PA.
  • Franey, Stephen. “Advanced Design / Collaborative Project Teaming / Innovative Construction." ISPE Washington Conference, June 2007, Washington, DC.
  • Franey, Stephen. “Advanced Design / Collaborative Project Teaming / Innovative Construction." ISPE Aseptic BioPharma Technology Conference, 4 November 2007, Las Vegas, NV.
  • Franey, Stephen. "Advanced Project Delivery Tools: Opportunities & Challenges for Implementing BIM in Construction Management." CMAA Annual Conference, 4 February 2008, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Franey, Stephen. "BIM Project Implementation." SMACNA of Pennsylvania Annual Conference, 10 June 2008, Skytop, PA.
  • Franey, Stephen. "Architectural Design & Facility Animation." Art Institute of Philadelphia (AIPH) 2000-2005, Philadelphia, PA, Adjunct Professor.

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