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Project Controls
Project Controls

Our team of international project controls experts work with our clients to align project expectations with the project goals, which results in better decisions and higher returns on investment.

By integrating our industry leading subject matter experts, business processes, systems, and tools into project execution, our project controls team applies strict schedule and cost controls that manage project costs and optimize project returns - exceeding the most demanding expectations.

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Through our industry-leading Knowledge, Skill & Passion, we enable our clients to create and manufacture life-impacting products around the world.

Project Controls Specialties

Project planning is a collaborative process, and requires constant communication between our team and the project stakeholders. To ensure success, it is imperative to that all stakeholders commit to the initial plan, participate in regular reviews, and recognize that adjustments to approaches may be necessary during the course of the project.

Our project planners develop project schedules that adhere to project timing requirements and provide a critical path to project completion. Our planners optimize the sequence of activities required to design, procure, construct and commission the project - ensuring projects are delivered on time and on budget.


We are committed to measuring and controlling total project costs. Our project controls team applies a set of proprietary principles and processes to every project to ensure the cost management through the entire life cycle of the project.

Our comprehensive, cross functional estimating team leverages extensive project experience and our proprietary cost estimating database to produce cost-effective investment capital budgets and reliable cost forecasts. Our proven estimating methodology provides accurate forecasts throughout the entire project life cycle.

Our Earned Value Management System allow the project manager to understand the project's baseline (budget) value of the work to be completed, the actual value of the work completed, and the earned value of the physical work. In addition to Earned Value Management, our expert utilize Project Execution Plans, Project Controls, and Work Plans to assure efficient total project management.

The potential for change exists on all projects. Proper change management requires strong, experienced leadership with the support of sound, time-tested processes and systems. We provide a consistent approach to change management that is grounded in our industry leading project delivery system.

Our consistent approach to change management provides the following benefits to our clients:

  • Early identification of changes and their sources before implementation.
  • The ability to quickly quantify the impact of proposed changes on costs and schedule to assist with effective decision-making.
  • A clear audit trail on changes that may have or have not occurred.
  • Monitoring and tracking of the level of on-going change on the complete portfolio of projects.
  • Consistent communication to the Project Delivery Team on the impact of changes on projects.

We follow the Project Management Institute (PMI®) model of risk management, which includes the following five processes: 

  • Risk Identification: We conduct risk identification meetings with the stakeholder team to generate a risk register.
  • Risk Qualification: We qualitatively evaluate each risk and document the findings in a Risk Register.
  • Risk Quantification: We quantitatively assess the probability of occurrence and the impact to safety, cost, schedule, and quality and document the assessment in the risk register.
  • Risk Response Planning: We develop a response to each risk. Typical responses include avoidance, acceptance, mitigation and transfer. Risk response plans are turned over to the project team for implementation.
  • Risk Monitoring and Control: We will review the risk register and risk response plans with the stakeholder team. We identify new risks, evaluate the performance of risk response plans, and remove items from the risk register that have no probability of occurrence.

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