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iCON™ Establishes Second Manufacturing Site in Ireland

Apr 23, 2018


iCON™ Establishes Second Manufacturing Site in Ireland

Apr 23, 2018

IPS and G-CON Manufacturing, Inc. announced today that the iCON™ product portfolio now has a second manufacturing site in Kilkenny, Ireland, through the Manufacturing and Supply Agreement between G-CON and Asgard Cleanroom Solutions Ltd.

The addition of Asgard’s manufacturing site for rapid deployment of iCON facilities provides unique and important access to the European market and complements the European presence of IPS in Birmingham, UK; Basel, Switzerland; and nearby Dublin, Ireland.

“As iCON™ continues to grow worldwide, positioning the brand to support our facility products for mAb, cell/gene therapy, fill finish and OSD manufacturing is critical,” said Tom J. Piombino, Vice President, IPS. “With such an extensive and diverse European landscape, having manufacturing capabilities locally presents a great opportunity for iCON and their client base. All three companies have a strong focus in life sciences so the combined resources provide clients with a deep and unmatched bench of architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing and regulatory compliance experience.”

“Our prefabricated cleanroom units, PODs, find growing acceptance; not just in North America, but globally with Europe being on the forefront. To serve our client base better, we understand we need to have G-CON POD design and manufacturing capabilities in Europe and we are very happy to have found this robust capability in Asgard,” said Maik Jornitz, CEO of G-CON. “Our teams have successfully worked together the last few years and we appreciate Asgard’s experience, quality track record and innovative spirit. Their 120,000 sq. ft. manufacturing site in Castlecomer, Ireland, is ideally located for our European requirements and will perfectly support our expansion needs.”

“Our clients across Europe are demanding a change in construction methods to reduce on-site construction hours, and to enable them to accelerate their time to market for their products,” stated John Comerford, CEO of Asgard Cleanroom Solutions. “Our exciting collaboration with G-CON will allow this to happen. The combination of this new construction method with our existing modular business will provide our clients with more construction flexibility.”

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