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IPS Black Employees United for Progress

IPS Black Employees United for Progress
IPS Black Employees United for Progress

IPS Black Employees United for Progress

In corporate America, a common mission, vision, and purpose in thought and action across all levels of an organization is of the utmost importance to bottom line success along with the celebration, validation, and respect of each individual. Combining these two fundamental areas effectively requires diligence, understanding, and trust from all parties. Organizations are attempting to bridge the gap through employee networks and the support of employee resource groups (ERGs) formed which work to make lasting changes benefitting current and new employees for many years to come. Networks and ERGs exist not only to benefit their own group members, but also strategically work both inwardly and outwardly to edify group members as well as their company as a whole.

Diversity allows for the exploration of these differences in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment allowing people to embrace and celebrate the rich dimensions of uniqueness contained within each individual while placing positive value in the community and workforce.

IPS Black Employees United for Progress (I.B.E.U.P.) is a network of employees within IPS whose goal is to support the progression of Black and other minority employees starting out in STEM, architecture, construction, and compliance careers. It is important to state that our group supports IPS’ efforts to attract and retain the best talent, promote leadership and development at all ranks, build an internal support system for employees within the company, and encourage diversity and inclusion among employees at all levels.

Members of I.B.E.U.P. support future missions in collaborative conjunction with IPS initiatives promoting diversity by implementing mentoring programs that support underserved students in the middle school and high school levels. Engagement with students of this age group will provide us the opportunity to expose them to science, technology, engineering, and math in which they may not have the support, exposure, or personal feeling that these areas of development are within their reach otherwise. Our investment of time and mentorship can likely turn into scholarships and/or internships with IPS in years to come.

I.B.E.U.P welcomes diverse opinions and members as we actively demonstrate that in our practices and mission to unite for progress.

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