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I.B.E.U.P's Caucus and M.E.E.T Mentoring


I.B.E.U.P's Caucus and M.E.E.T Mentoring

In today's organizations, employee resource groups evolve from internal event-driven committees to crucial strategic partners for various business units. ERGs are moving from grassroots networking efforts to formalized business assets that affect workplace, workforce, and marketplace results. Power, position, and influence can be used to bridge barriers to success by establishing and maintaining a culture in which belonging is not just encouraged, but embraced alongside all other vital objectives and personal responsibilities; until it becomes a fundamental value within corporations.  

"Including YOU" was the title of the 2022 I.B.E.U.P. Caucus, during which members were able to reconnect face-to-face and plan the group's future. Groups discussed ways to engage and share roles and responsibilities within the ERG as well as ways to volunteer within the community and lead corporate initiatives. Management Leadership of Tomorrow (MLT) facilitated the caucus with guest speakers Tina Gilbert from MLT, Kelly Jones from Alleghany Corporation, and wellness speaker Katie Bean from Katie Bean Wellness Consulting.


M.E.E.T Mentoring Program


The I.B.E.U.P.’s M.E.E.T. program, which stands for Mentor, Engage, Enlighten, Together, kicked off its second year working with Mr. Kohler’s civil engineering & and architecture students of George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science. This year’s program opted to guide the students through the conceptual design of a new biology, chemistry, and food lab at the school for a client that was looking to produce lemonade, a delicious refreshment that could be made within the classroom or while at home. This year’s group of mentors presented topics from each of IPS’ disciplines and assigned the requirements for the next phase of the project following up with a more detailed lesson that guided groups through completion. The students worked in groups of four to design the most effective and feasible design addition for their school, meeting with mentors from IPS offices throughout the U.S.


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