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Britton L. Wolf, MBA

Director EPCM CQV, Project Controls


"We benefit everyone in society by contributing to a more cost-effective health care ecosystem via the delivery of timely critical assets to our clients."

Britton is a results-driven professional with over 25 years of diversified and international hands-on experience in all aspects of the capital project delivery process. He has experience in project planning and management, contracts, project controls, procurement, estimating, asset management, value engineering, portfolio and risk management, project compliance auditing, and end-to-end execution scheduling.

  • MBA - Finance, DePaul University
  • B.S. - Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida
  • Cost Engineering International (AACEI)
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  • International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers (ISPE)
  • Construction Industry Institute (CII)
  • Independent Project Analysis (IPA)
  • International Partnering Institute (IPI)
  • Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • Shire
  • Genentech / Roche
  • Quantum Chemicals
  • ExxonMobil
  • Wolf, Britton. “Ultra-Fast Track Project Execution on an International Biopharmaceutical Production Facility.” AACEI Cost Engineering, July 2010.
  • Wolf, Britton. “An Automated Piping Progressing and Payment System.” AACEI Cost Engineering, November 1998.
  • Wolf, Britton. “An Organizational Change Journey - Fusing Project Controls, Lean Construction Principles & Technology for Fast-Track EPCM Pharmaceutical Projects,” AACE International Conference & Expo, June, 2022
  • Wolf, Britton. “Project Execution Risk Management in the Biopharmaceutical Industry - A Life Cycle Approach.” Conference Minutes, AACEI Annual Meeting, 2012.
  • Wolf, Britton. “The Science of Project Management: Project Controls Systems & Implementation (PCSI) an Integrated Approach.” Pharmaceutical Engineering, ISPE 2010 Annual Meeting, October 2010.

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