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Advanced Design for New High Output Medical Device Campus Image 1

Advanced Design for New High Output Medical Device Campus

Challenge from the Client

The new manufacturing site will establish the next step of the client's goal of increasing global manufacturing capabilities through flexible process and facility design. The design will maintain the client's philosophy of best-in-class facility features to position the site as the premier choice for Medical Device manufacturing. The client intends to be an employer of choice in the region – the design, fit, finish as well as the overall facility experience is intended to reflect this ambition.

Our Approach & Solution

Adaptive designs for new facilities are becoming more and more a necessity as we strive to construct sustainable buildings which are right-sized for initial investments, and are flexible to support future expansion and modifications as determined by changing business drivers. After a quick assessment of the project scope and the proposed site, it became clear that a multistory approach to the facility would be required to accommodate the Phase I Project scope on the initial 28-acre site. Vertical integration is further enhanced through the use of a connecting spine which is been designed to link the major buildings across the site and provides a means for people and materials to move between buildings, protected from the weather within a controlled environment. People flows are separated from material flows for added safety and efficiency.

The new world class campus is designed and master planned with flexibility at its core. The master plan supports the initial construction of the Phase I scope on the eastern 48-acre plot, with the ability to expand onto the western 21-acre plot though subsequent construction phases.

Expandability will occur through the construction of additional buildings on the adjacent 21-acre site to the west which is planned for an additional manufacturing building, sterilization building, second canteen/support building, and additional warehousing to support the added capacity. The central utility plant has been designed to support Phases I and II, however, equipment installation will be phased to support the needed capacity. The manufacturing building is also designed for ultimate flexibility. It utilizes a long span structural framing system which provides for completely open space in the clean room environment. Optimum equipment arrangements and flows can dictate the best layouts instead of compromised solutions which need to work around structural elements. The multi-story arrangement provides adequate space for modifications to manufacturing systems/equipment as well as HVAC and building systems. Each clean room environment is completely independent from the others, allowing full flexibility to renovate any of the areas without disrupting ongoing operations in the other clean rooms.

The architectural design of the campus buildings follows the expectations for a world class manufacturing facility. The form of the main production building follows the functionality within as the practical features for equipment access and maintenance are used to highlight flexibility and provide depth to the massive east elevation. One can also get a glimpse through the glass of the long span structural systems which also provides natural light to the manufacturing areas and viewing corridors. The remaining buildings take their cues from the manufacturing building and appropriate architectural treatment was developed for each of the buildings based on their location and functionality.

The Results

The resulting design directly supports the business goals for phased development of the site with the flexibility to expand or, modify as required, well into the future. Following the IPS design process, lead to the early identification of preferred design philosophies which supported the client's values to achieve the manufacturing capacity they needed along with the flexibility they wanted.


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