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Six New Themes Offered for Annual IPS Technologies Tours at INTERPHEX

Feb 15, 2018


Six New Themes Offered for Annual IPS Technologies Tours at INTERPHEX

Feb 15, 2018

IPS in partnership with Pharmaceutical Processing, announces the eighth annual IPS Technologies Tours at INTERPHEX with newly enhanced Tours focused on today’s hottest trends in the industry.

The goal of the IPS Technologies Tours is to share knowledge and experience by informing attendees of the most innovative and best-performing equipment, both tried and true and new to the market, which could suit their manufacturing needs. With hundreds of equipment vendors exhibiting at INTERPHEX, the Tours offer registered participants the ability to utilize time at the show efficiently by having independent subject matter experts navigate them through a select group of preferred and vetted vendors.

As the premier pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device development and manufacturing showcase event in North America, INTERPHEX provides a unique venue for IPS to show customers firsthand the latest technologies and equipment that can improve their operations. Pharmaceutical Processing, a leading source for contract services and manufacturing news, as well as the latest packaging, processing and new product developments, publishes a printed guide for the Tours.

Since establishing the Technologies Tours, IPS continually features innovative concepts at INTERPHEX. This year, IPS offers six distinct Technologies Tours focused on today’s key industry topics: containment; continuous manufacturing; critical utilities; flexible parenteral manufacturing; iCON™; and serialization. The Tours held on Wednesday, April 18, 2018, at 10:00 am and 1:00 pm will showcase the top, cutting-edge equipment and technology innovations in each technical category. The Tour themes are:

Containment Band Reunion – Process Containment for OSD and Parenteral Manufacturing

Tour Leaders: Sherry Chen, Sam Halaby, Paul Valerio

Vendors: ChargePoint Technology Ltd., Extract Technology, Getinge, ILC Dover, LP, SKAN US, Inc., Solo Containment

Containment of potent products is a challenge for both pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. This Tour will “expose” attendees to various forms of containment and material transfer, including downflow booths, hard and soft-walled isolators and material transfer solutions.

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