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IPS Launches Annual Technologies Tours at INTERPHEX with Project Case Studies.

Apr 12, 2022

IPS Announces the Technologies Tours at INTERPHEX 2022
IPS Announces the Technologies Tours at INTERPHEX 2022

IPS Launches Annual Technologies Tours at INTERPHEX with Project Case Studies.

Apr 12, 2022

Dept. of Marketing and Communications

IPS Launches Annual Technologies Tours at INTERPHEX with Project Case Studies.
– The 2022 IPS Technologies Tours, highlighting technologies and project case studies, are the perfect opportunity to learn about the most innovative and best-performing equipment in the industry –

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Blue Bell, Pennsylvania; April 12, 2022 – IPS-Integrated Projects Services, LLC (IPS), a leading provider of engineering, procurement, construction management, and validation (EPCMV) services, announces the twelfth annual IPS Technologies Tours at INTERPHEX with a new Case Studies experience

As the premier pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device development and manufacturing showcase event in North America, INTERPHEX provides a unique venue for IPS to show customers firsthand the latest technologies and equipment that can improve their operations through real-world project applications.

Since establishing the IPS Technologies Tours, we have continually featured innovative concepts and the hottest trends in the industry at INTERPHEX. The goal of the IPS Technologies Tours is to share knowledge and experience by showing its attendees the most innovative and best-performing equipment and technologies to suit their manufacturing needs. With hundreds of equipment vendors exhibiting at INTERPHEX, the IPS Technologies Tours offer participants the ability to efficiently utilize time at the show by having independent subject matter experts navigate them through a select group of exhibitors. Tours attendees visit each exhibitor, view presentations, and attend a private networking reception in the afternoon.

IPS is introducing a new experience to INTERPHEX with distinct Case Studies as part of the Tours experience with owners and their vendors that focus on today’s key industry topics. Participants will visit highly targeted locations on the show floor where they will hear from project owners, IPS subject matter experts, and the vendors they utilized. Each will discuss their project, new technologies, the challenges faced and their solutions.

Nexus Pharmaceuticals Aseptic Facility: A Case Study in Bringing Pharma Manufacturing Back to the USA

Tour Leaders: Edward Flagg and Rob Roy, PE
Exhibitors: IPS-Integrated Project Services, LLC, Bausch+Ströbel Machine Company, Inc., Optima, IMA Life North America, Inc., Franz Ziel USA Inc.

This project, the first of its kind in more than 30 years, combines state-of-the-art isolator, lyophilization, vial, and syringe filling technologies to provide a flexible, robust, and operationally efficient US source for generic pharmaceuticals. When complete, the facility will allow Nexus to expand upon its current product portfolio and will offer an impressive array of product presentations, including aseptically filled and terminally sterilized liquid products in vial, syringe, and cartridge formats as well as lyophilized vials.

The facility itself features several key FotF design elements, including multi-story construction, 2-story lyophilizer configuration, and the use of bridge trusses in key process areas. These design elements allow master planning for seamless expansion of manufacturing and packaging capacities and will facilitate future area manufacturing upgrades or re-purposing to ensure ongoing facility relevance. The aesthetically focused utility concept projects these modern design features and will be a welcome addition to the technology hub in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.

IPS is pleased to have been selected by Nexus to participate in this exciting project along with the equipment vendor partners featured on this tour – namely Bausch+Ströbel, Franz Ziel, IMA, and Optima. The high level of cooperation evident throughout the project resulted in innovative solutions to common design issues.

Phase 1 of this multi-phase, multi-year project, which features a barrier isolator-based liquid/lyo vial filling line is complete. Phase 2 of the project, which features a barrier isolator-based syringe filling line is underway; full campus buildout is expected over the next 10 years. Attend this case study to hear details from Nexus, IPS, and our partnering vendors about project challenges and solutions.

Emergent CDMO Case Studies: Project Design and Implementation of Two State-of-the-art Fill/Finish Technologies

Tour Leaders: Paul Valerio and Dan Leorda, PE, with Nithin Stephen and Peter Dayrell from Emergent CDMO.
Exhibitors: IPS-Integrated Project Services, Emergent BioSolutions Inc., groninger & Co. GmbH, SKAN, Franz Ziel USA Inc.

This tour will highlight the implementation and design of the groninger® FlexPro50 (non-viral) and groninger® INTEGRA (viral) fill/finish expansions at two Emergent CDMO manufacturing sites in Maryland, USA: Camden and Rockville. Tour topics include project execution by IPS and Emergent followed by the isolator-based aseptic fill/finish technologies implemented by solution providers: groninger, Franz Ziel, and SKAN.

Optimizing Cell Banking: Partnering Process Engineering and Industrial Modeling Delivers Improved Efficiency and Facility Throughput

Tour Leaders: Dan Swanson, Kevin Swartz and George Todorov 
Exhibitors: IPS-Integrated Project Services, LLC, Pall Corporation, Pneumatic Scale Angelus, ProSys Group

Collaboration between IPS’ process and industrial engineering experts, combining bioprocess expertise with discrete event simulation, offers an innovative option that helps quantify and predict the optimal functionality of a facility and what resources would be necessary to achieve that output. By integrating the disciplines of the process development and industrial engineering teams, IPS experts are able to gather the insight necessary to deliver significant improvements critical to the success of its biopharma clients. This tour will allow the participants to explore a real-world project which combined IPS process and industrial engineering disciplines to solve a complex challenge. Stops on the tour will point out key technologies implemented to scale-up, de-risk and close off the client’s process within the footprint of the existing facility, including a discrete event simulation presentation highlighting the modeling effort and predicted facility throughput increase upon implementation of the new process.

ApiJect Technology Development Center: A Case Study in High-speed Manufacturing with the Aseptic Blow-Fill-Seal Process

Tour Leaders: Brian Egan, RA, LEED AP, Josh Myers 
Exhibitors: IPS-Integrated Project Services, LLC, ApiJect Systems, Weiler Engineering, Rommelag

ApiJect's Technology Development Center brings critical capabilities to the US for the designing, engineering, and testing of high-volume manufacturing processes. Incorporating aseptic blow-fill-seal processes will allow life science companies to rapidly deploy single-dose prefilled injectors in times of urgent need.

Tour attendees will be guided through the upgrades to the aseptic fill-finish process using blow-fill-seal technology implemented by Rommelag and Weiler Engineering, and learn how cold chain processing is becoming more viable using this technology. The tour will present a holistic view of the ApiJect Technology Development Center's rapid prototype BFS mold design and production.

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IPS is a global leader in developing innovative business solutions for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Through operational expertise and industry-leading knowledge, skill, and passion, IPS provides consultancy services, architecture, engineering, project controls, construction management, and compliance services that allow clients to develop and manufacture life-impacting products. With the newest acquisition of Linesight, IPS has over 2,700 professionals in over 45 offices across 17 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Southeast Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. Linesight specializes in cost, schedule, risk, program, and project management services in various market sectors, including data centers, life sciences, and high-tech industrial.

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