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IPS EMEA Region Celebrates 5 Years

IPS EMEA Region Celebrates 5 Years of Sustainable Growth

Nov 18, 2020

IPS-Integrated Project Services, LLC, a leading provider of engineering, procurement, construction management, and validation (EPCMV) services, celebrates its 5-year anniversary in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region. Over the last half-decade, IPS has grown to be a premier global knowledge leader delivering innovative, technology-based business solutions to help our clients succeed.

Since the opening of the first office in Birmingham, UK, the region’s headquarters, IPS has grown to five (5) locations across EMEA, in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, and Germany. IPS EMEA now stands at over two hundred (200) employees providing consulting, engineering, construction management, and compliance services, and has completed nearly €1 billion in total project value for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

“As I reflect on the last five years of IPS’ presence in Europe, I take great pride in what Daryn and Gareth have been able to accomplish over a relatively short time,” stated Dave Goswami, IPS Chairman and CEO. “Appointing these two industry veterans to help establish and grow across the EMEA region was one of the best decisions, not only because of their technical expertise but also their customer and employee-focused mindset. I am also proud of the directors who joined IPS to lead the four EMEA offices; they are instrumental in our continuous growth in the region. The significance of this 5-year milestone means that we have earned the trust of our clients and attracted a robust group of talented employees to help drive the continued success of IPS.”

In response to celebrating the IPS EMEA region’s 5th anniversary, Daryn Jenkins and Gareth Davies share some highlights from where they started and where they are now.


  • On November 16, the IPS EMEA region was established, headquartered in Birmingham, UK
  • Secured and kicked off three projects leading to an integrated EPCMV project delivery in Denmark, Scotland, and Spain


  • Attracted top talent to run project management, architecture, engineering, and project delivery departments
  • Hired first SME, Angus Dagnall, in the area of Process Architecture
  • Awarded its first fast-track EPCMV laboratory project in Ireland
  • Completed construction management and start-up services for a large project in Denmark
  • Awarded Master Service Agreement to support all concept design work for an Animal Health client across Europe
  • Opened IPS Basel, Switzerland, office to serve the increasing demand in the DACH region


  • Opened office in Dublin, Ireland, to serve the Irish market and expand the pool of technical resources
  • Awarded EPCMV contract for a large isolator-based fill-finish/lyophilization project in Denmark
  • Staff increased to nearly 50 employees and supported various design, construction, and compliance projects in England, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Holland, and Spain


  • Awarded its first iCON modular project delivery platform for a client in Germany
  • Added Iceland and Bulgaria to the portfolio of countries worked
  • Awarded the basic and detailed design for €400M biologics facility in Ireland, and later added CM services for project-enabling and initial build work


  • Awarded a cell & gene therapy program and hired a team of 15 experienced professionals with expertise in this area
  • Glen Slaymaker joined IPS as Senior Director, UK Operations
  • Brian Peasley joined the Swiss team to head operations in Basel and added two subject matter experts in Bioprocess engineering and Compliance (CQV)
  • IPS EMEA compliance team grew to over 20 employees
  • Opened Frankfurt, Germany, office under the direction of Helmut Steudel


  • Commenced work on the second large-scale EPCMV project in Denmark
  • IPS Ireland strategically expanded the SME team with the onboarding of Kevin Smyth, Global Director of Process Technology
  • Tony Morrice joined the IPS team as Director of Construction Management with a focus on preconstruction, construction management, and overall EPCMV project delivery
  • Opened second German operations in Nuremberg
  • EMEA staff totals over 200 EPCMV resources
  • Completed nearly €1 billion in total project value across Europe

"I am deeply proud of the success we've had supporting our clients over the last five years," said Daryn Jenkins, EMEA Managing Director. “We have managed to attract an amazing team of talented designers, engineers, and construction professionals from across Europe who are not only the best at what they do but are able to support our culture and customer focused DNA in delivering quality solutions day in day out.”

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