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Ana Collins Joins Zweig Group’s 2021 ElevateHer™ Cohort

Feb 23, 2021

Ana Maria Collins joins Zweig Group ElevateHer Cohort

Ana Collins Joins Zweig Group’s 2021 ElevateHer™ Cohort

Feb 23, 2021

Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, February 23, 2021 – IPS-Integrated Project Services, LLC, a leading provider of engineering, procurement, construction management, and validation (EPCMV) services, announces Ana Collins, Head of Global Marketing and Communications, has been accepted as a member of Zweig Group’s 2021 ElevateHer™ cohort – a special task force composed of individuals with a commitment to promote diversity as a means to combat recruiting and retention challenges in the AEC industry.

IPS is proud to support Zweig Group’s mission to elevate the industry, and is pleased to have a member of their team join this groundbreaking initiative.

“I am honored to be accepted into this year’s ElevateHer cohort,” states Ana Collins. “I've seen the evolvement of diversity in the AEC industry over the last 20 years, but, there is still much to improve upon. As a member of IPS’ Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Council, I am committed to embracing, promoting, and ensuring equal opportunities for everyone in our industry regardless of gender, race, age, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. I look forward to being an active contributor to the cohort, and hope to gain further insights that evoke inspiration and action that I can bring back to our DEI program.”

As a member of this year’s cohort, Ana Collins will help define strategies to overcome the widespread AEC industry challenge of recruiting and retention of qualified, diverse candidates in the workforce. The group will develop tangible action plans that AEC companies can incorporate in their firms and use for years to come.

“Despite this program only being in its second year and many new challenges relating to the pandemic, we still saw significant growth and interest in this program. I’m excited to see how this year’s class can build on the momentum from last year and also bring fresh perspectives and creativity,” said Jamie Claire Kiser, Zweig Group managing principal and program founder.

Visit Zweig Group's website to learn more about this program.

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