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Rory Behan: Engineers Week Ireland Profile

Mar 02, 2021

Rory Behan Engineers Ireland Week

Rory Behan: Engineers Week Ireland Profile

Mar 02, 2021

What motivated you to want to become an engineer?

I was interested in becoming an engineer as I recognised that it was a path to a career which would allow me to work on challenging projects, requiring creativity and innovation. I appreciated that it is a respected profession which provides the opportunity to achieve a good balance between working outside on sites and in an office. The possibility of working abroad, which I have taken advantage of during my career, was another factor I considered important when I chose engineering. 

What project that you worked on are you the proudest of and why?

Most likely the WuXi project is my proudest project. It was a major bio-pharmaceutical project (largest single-use facility in Ireland) which utilised a dynamic, detailed design during construction approach. I am proud of the project as owing to its complexity it would have been easy to have made mistakes, whereas through careful coordination and management by the IPS team. It was huge success.

How has your work in engineering changed due to COVID-19 restrictions?

The change to “working from home protocol” was quite sudden, however I found that IPS adapted quickly to the situation. Project management for projects, peculiarly coordination between engineering disciplines, had to became more structured than we would have required in the office. I have found that the new procedures have not damaged efficiency. At this stage, I have produced fully coordinated design packages for multiple projects without having left my house.  

What do you love most about your job?

I probably enjoy the challenge of my work the most. No two projects are just the same and every so often a good tough technical problem arises which requires some innovative thinking to solve. I enjoy working out the best way to solve these issues and get satisfaction when I see my engineering solutions being implemented. 

Can you please share advice that you have for anyone that is considering a career in engineering?

I would advise that they consider carefully what area of engineering appeals to them personally. There is a huge variety of engineering disciplines some of which may suit persons who enjoy mathematics whereas others may be more suitable for those who enjoy being out on a construction site. With diverse engineering disciplines which include chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering there are plenty to choose from. I believe that anyone who decides on pursuing a career in engineering will it fulfilling and rewarding. 


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