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Natalia Marcano: International Women in Engineering Day

Natalia Marcano: International Women in Engineering Day 2022

Natalia Marcano: International Women in Engineering Day

What inventors or engineers inspire you and why?

Hedy Lamarr was an actress and inventor, she was a woman who spent her time playing roles in the area of acting, as well as had the ingenuity to devise a method for signal encryption, in order to prevent enemy spies, listen or filter information and thanks to it today in our world wireless communication is possible. She is an inspiration to me for her ability to play multiple unrelated roles such as acting and inventing, she successfully develops them and continues to be an icon of inspiration for many women in different fields today.

How has the work you do changed the way you view the world?

Engineering aroused my curiosity to know how things are made and built, but the world continues to evolve every day, so thanks to this I wanted to evolve in the BIM area since it is a 3D computerized environment that it allows you to “digitally build” things before you see them physically.

Engineering is part of my life and I always try to find inspiration in what I see. Many times I have no knowledge or ideas so I look at how they look in a real construction and thus seek motivation or ingenuity, whenever I go to a supermarket or simply when I go for a walk. I try to see how other people had the creativity to make the cable trays or the duct systems to later inspire me or have more ideas. Thanks to engineering, things as simple as taking a walk or going to the market become inspiring.

What would you say is the most important contribution of what you do?

One of the most important contributions that BIM has is that we can detect and solve problems before they happen or it is too late.

What would you stay to encourage other girls/women to enter the field of engineering?

I would tell them to cheer up, it is a very rewarding job in the sense that you can see as a product of your effort and the general effort of the team, things are built and/or created. In addition, today the engineering area is managed in a fairly inclusive environment for women and for everyone.


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