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Innovations in Oral Solid Dosage Forms

Feb 03, 2014


Innovations in Oral Solid Dosage Forms

Feb 03, 2014

Oral Solid Dosage Form (OSD) products comprise roughly 90% of the global pharmaceutical market. In response to the vast and seemingly endless demand for OSD products, there will be no shortage of OSD technologies and innovation on display at INTERPHEX 2014. The following is a just a portion of the exciting OSD topics that will be presented at the show. Please join us in attending these timely and vital complimentary discussions open to all attendees.

Continuous process allows for more flexibility in capital investment as it can allow one’s company to address market demands using a hybrid approach to traditional batch manufacture to meet the demand while avoiding the complexities associated with scale-up. Recently, innovation has taken place in film-coated tablets. Now learn the advantages of continuous process as it is applied to the manufacturing of film-coated tablets. Martin Hack, VP and General Manager, LB Bohle presents a can’t-miss-it workshop entitled “Continuous Production of Solid Dosage Forms: An Integrated Approach.”

Variability is an often overlooked problem, yet a “lost batch” results in lost dollars. Specifically, material handling is an ancillary aspect to processing that creates the often times overlooked potential to contribute to batch variability. Hector Davila, Director, Process Engineering for Fluor, presents a workshop entitled “Integrating Material Handling Technologies for Improved OSD for Improved Manufacturing Facilities.” The speaker will discuss minimizing variability to improve quality of product. Also addressed in the workshop will be the effect of material handling on size of facility, and how it may potentially minimize capital investment

Another trending topic: softgels. In many cases, soft gelatin capsules are generally considered a rapid path to take to market entry. Ramiro Fernando Goni Barba, Vice President of Changsung Softgel Systems, will detail a compelling case study presentation entitled “Scientific Advancements in Softgel Technology That Will Drastically Change Manufacturing.” This presentation may enable you to apply new soft gel developments to projects in your pipeline.

Finally, the application of alternative technology for formulation of difficult-to-handle active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) into OSD forms will be highlighted at INTERPHEX 2014. Svetlana Ivanova, Applications Development Director at Air Products, Inc. will discuss the emergent innovation of cryogenic spray via case study in her presentation “Cryogenic Spray Crystallization Technology to Improve Customer Quality.”

This article originally appeared as a supplement to the 2014 IPS Technologies Tours at INTERPHEX.


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