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Heike Zimmermann: International Women in Engineering Day 2021

Heike Zimmerman International Women in Engineering Day 2021

Heike Zimmermann: International Women in Engineering Day 2021

Heike Zimmermann INWED2021


How did you become interested in engineering?

In school, I was always interested in Mathematiks and Science. One day the job center came to our school with an online questionnaire, I did the test and the result was more than 20 different engeneering disciplines. I liked the practical aspect of this “applied science” and finally chose chemical engineering, as I liked chemistry the most.

What excites you about engineering? 

Using science in a practical way to make lives easier, and the growing industry.

What have you seen change for women in engineering throughout your career? 

It was not my full career in engineering, I made a tour in Quality Assurance. But I can clearly tell you, that from my first stage, where I was asked “where will we go if women become engineers too” to now there is a big change, in my actual job nobody questioned my position because I’m a woman.

What is the most fascinating part of your job or daily routine?

Meeting people and helping them to find the best solution and/or compromise to move forward to a lean commissioning or qualification.

Did you have any mentors as you were going through your career? How did they influence your decisions?

I did not really have mentors until I came to IPS, but I was heavily influenced by my mother and grandmother that taught me that I can become what I wish if I work hard for it. Now I’m mentored by my UK counterpart that helps me to gain confidence in myself and works with me as a team for important decisions.

How do you support your fellow women engineers?

I do not really make a difference between woman or man, I support all new colleagues as good as I can so that they find their place in our IPS family and I show the example as my mum did it to me.

What is one project that you have worked on that you are the proudest of?

I’m very proud of the support I could give to an animal health facility, because of the difference I could make to this project with my hard and soft skills. The client told me at the end “You more than owned the work by pushing and pulling the work in a persistent but always respectful manner.”

What advice would you like to share with future women engineers? 

Belive in yourself, you can become whatever you want if you work hard on it.


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