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Dominik Marquart: Engineers Week Profile

Dominik Marquart Engineers Week

Dominik Marquart: Engineers Week Profile

How do you see technology and innovation impacting the future of engineering and society as a whole?

New technology and innovation are a constant part of our work. Keeping up with innovation has been a significant factor in the past and will be in the future. Especially in engineering, there is always the urge to look for new solutions. As a society, technology has affected us, and innovation in the last decades has made engineering progress faster. 

Can you share an example of a project or idea you have been working on that you believe will shape the future in a positive way?

I have been involved in a project where WFI (Water for injection) is generated using membrane technology instead of distillation. So WFI is generated and kept cold instead of hot. In the long run, this saves a significant amount of energy as there is no need to keep the water at a higher temperature. Trending toward energy-saving/efficient technologies will positively affect the future. Especially here in Europe, this topic got more attention during challenging times in the 2022 energy market.  

How do you stay current on emerging technologies and trends in engineering to ensure you are creating solutions for the future?

I stay current on emerging technologies by being involved in different projects and exchanging with clients, vendors, and partners. Also, participation at trade shows gives you a good impression of where the market is trending. Being part of peer organizations where the latest topics are discussed has also been a good source of information.

What aspects of your work as an engineer do you find most rewarding and why?

The most rewarding thing is being involved in a project from beginning to end. Seeing the progress of the project until the physical installation is completed. From the first idea to the final installation, the project undergoes different phases and efforts from every discipline. Seeing the facility, in the end, makes me feel part of something bigger than myself.    


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