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Chris Haskins Engineers Week 2022

Feb 22, 2022

Chris Haskins Engineers Week 2022

Chris Haskins Engineers Week 2022

Feb 22, 2022

What motivated you to want to become an engineer?

I’d say my parents were my motivation to become an engineer.  They both work for NASA and from a young age I’ve been captivated with what they do. I would try to learn as much as possible about space and they would encourage me to always ask questions. That basis in STEM, learning environment, and my own interests in problem solving are what made me want to become an engineer.  

How do you reimagine the possible?

I try to be curious don’t settle for what I already know, I try to lean from my peers and brainstorm different approaches to issues that come up to keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible. 

Any new technology in your field that you are excited about?

I'm excited to see the growth and implementation of ways to recapture waste energy to make our processes more and more efficient.

How do you think engineers make a difference in the world?

As an engineer get to be a part of the process in creating and implementing new technologies and that will hopefully positively impact the lives of many.

Can you please share advice that you have for anyone that is considering a career in engineering?

I found that communication is very important, especially when hitting roadblocks and setting goals. I would say don’t be afraid to ask your teammates questions and dig into a deeper understanding of any topics that you’re confused about or just find interesting and want to learn more. 

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