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IPS Technologies Tours at INTERPHEX

NEW: Customized Technologies Tours are curated based on each registrant’s unique facility needs, giving them a relevant and personalized experience.

IPS Tour Leaders guide attendees on the show floor to a curated selection of equipment suppliers and exhibitors to discuss technologies aligned with their facility’s needs.

Who Should Register?

Tours are typically for attendees from companies that research, develop, or manufacture products and are interested in learning about or purchasing the most innovative and best-performing equipment, technologies, and services for their facilities. Attendees’ roles are primarily leadership, decision-makers, and influencers actively involved in project management, engineering, or sourcing equipment or services. A request for a Tour or a discovery discussion does not equate to being selected to receive a Tour.


With hundreds of equipment vendors exhibiting at INTERPHEX, the Tours allow attendees to efficiently utilize time at the show by having independent subject matter experts navigate them through a customized group of exhibitors aligned with their facility’s needs.

Tour Structure

Registrants may have personalized Tours or be grouped with other members in the industry with similar education/facility interests. Registrants and Tour Leaders agree upon a meeting time and space to start the Tour. Tours times vary between 45 minutes and 2 hours. Tours may or may not include formal presentations by specific equipment suppliers; it all depends on the needs of the registrants and the type of technologies/services on the Tour.

About the Tours

The IPS Technologies Tours aims to share knowledge and experience by showing attendees the most innovative and best-performing equipment and technologies to suit their manufacturing needs.

Since establishing the IPS Technologies Tours over a decade ago, IPS has continually featured innovative concepts and the hottest trends in the industry at INTERPHEX. The Tours have continued to evolve from its inception with small, personalized Tours to offering groups of registrants with multiple options to attend topic- or case-study-based Tours. In 2023, IPS has gone back to its roots. Instead of pre-selecting Tour categories, IPS is curating customized Tour experiences based on the registrants’ facility needs.

With hundreds of equipment suppliers exhibiting at INTERPHEX, the IPS Technologies Tours allow participants to efficiently utilize time at the show by having independent subject matter experts navigate them through a select group of exhibitors to partner them with the companies that best suit their needs. Tour Leaders are knowledgeable about technologies, both tried and true or new to the market, and will curate a customized experience based on an individual’s facility-specific needs. Tours attendees visit each exhibitor, view presentations, and attend a private networking reception in the afternoon.

Private Networking Event

Tour attendees, IPS Tour Leaders, and select equipment suppliers are invited for cocktails and appetizers on the show floor on Wednesday, April 26, at 3:00 PM. Registrants will receive an invitation pass at the end of their Tour to attend the invitation-only networking event.


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