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Dean Poillucci Appointed as IPS’ Regional Director - New England

Mar 26, 2021

Dean Poillucci Joins IPS New England Region

Dean Poillucci Appointed as IPS’ Regional Director - New England

Mar 26, 2021

Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, March 26, 2021 – IPS-Integrated Project Services, LLC, a leading provider of engineering, procurement, construction management, and validation (EPCMV) services, announces the appointment of Dean Poillucci as Regional Director – New England Region. Mr. Poillucci will support IPS’ northeast region’s business development and operations to cater to the local growing client demand.

Mr. Poillucci joins IPS with over 30 years of experience in engineering and construction in the biopharmaceutical market segment with more than half of those years leading engineering and construction operations in the New England market. Throughout his career, Mr. Poillucci has developed high-performing teams from the ground-up and consistently led successful fast-track complex projects from start to finish. 

In previous roles, Mr. Poillucci developed and implemented business and account management strategies and plans that aligned with company objectives. He analyzed potential project opportunities and focused his attention on winning those that would generate the most value while delivering on customer expectations. Collaboration across multiple disciplines, project phases and offices on a national and international level were key drivers for him to identify and implement creative solutions to project requirements.

In his new role at IPS, Mr. Poillucci will use his leadership and team-building skills to establish a high-performing EPCMV team in the New England region to support the local clientele and project demands. As a member of the IPS’ Americas Management Team, Mr. Poillucci will directly impact IPS’ business and collaborate with IPS’s Cardinal Construction Group to integrate engineering and construction delivery to maximize the value provided by IPS to biopharmaceutical customers and projects.

Mark Butler, IPS’ President and Managing Director, Americas, states, “As the New England region continues its growth trajectory, we needed someone who knows how to build crossfunctional teams and create strategies to support the region. Dean’s experience with recruiting top talent in the biopharmaceutical industry and going after prospective projects strategically will help support our northeast region’s growth. We are thrilled to have Dean join the IPS team of experts.”

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