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Sahar Batrukh: Women in Construction Week

Mar 09, 2021

Sahar Batrukh - Women in Construction Week

Sahar Batrukh: Women in Construction Week

Mar 09, 2021

Describe the path you took to get to where you are today.

The path was not easy, from challenges to small wins, lessons learned and achievements, all of which shaped the person I am today. You go through different ways of learning and you get to stop at some intersections to observe, you grow with every experience, learn how to equip yourself with knowledge and tools to help you keep moving forward to your next destination!

What motivates you in the construction industry?

The surprises! It does not matter how hard I worked to plan, coordinate and prepare for all possible scenarios, still each day has its own plan for you, and you do not know how the day is going to hit you! But with experience, keeping composure, think and react effectively, that’s how you will save the day and deliver what is expected or even exceed any expectation.

I can say as well no boring routine; each project is special regardless of how big or small the project is. I managed projects of $2MM budget up to $45MM and I can tell you the project problems appear to be similar, but the solution and the way of delivering the solution are not the same due to many factors involved in the process; for instance, the timing to solve the problem, project site condition, project budget, overall schedule, the problem’s consequences and client business plans and goals, you need to keep in mind all of that to take the right path for the project-specific problems.

The construction industry is not a standalone world, the overlap and the interaction with other industries is huge and has no limit, each day is a new chance to learn something new to improve the quality of work and performance.

I have a chance to meet and partner with new people all the time; from contractors, vendors, consultants, engineers, architects and clients. People from different backgrounds, different experiences and knowledge, learn and make an impact is unstoppable!

Tell me about your biggest triumph and why you’re proudest of it?

There is more than one, each stage of my life has its own biggest achievement. Getting my bachelor's degree in architectural engineering with a high GPA is the biggest achievement at that stage, starting my professional career in construction management and deliver successful projects in a male-dominated industry it is a big achievement. I keep going up in my professional ladder and earn higher positions year after year is also a great accomplishment.  Getting involved in the pharma construction industry and having successful projects under my belt is such a great success. I’m proud of it all. If I achieved my biggest triumph then there is not much more to do, that’s why I say it's the many things that I have accomplished. I am not sure what the future holds for me, but all I know is that I am excited and ready for it! The sky is the limit!

How have COVID-19 restrictions changed the way you work now? Will they create changes for the future?

Adapting the change was not that easy or fast, it is a process to change the way I used to function, to change from an energetic and dynamic environment, working directly with people, moving between job sites and office, to now, working remotely requires a lot of patience to change my mindset to make sure I’m heading into the right direction. I cannot do this without the IPS family support. IPS stands behind their employees, supports us emotionally and professionally, provides us with the technology and tools we need to complete and deliver our commitment to our clients despite all COVID-19 challenges and restrictions.
For sure there is an impact on the future, it’s now proven that working miles away from the job site is not an obstruction to achieve your goal and deliver a good quality of work, and this definitely will change the future positively and will open more doors and places to invest in.

What aspect of your daily routine do you love the most?

The best part of my daily routine is the dialogue and conversation with my project team, when we have a chance to discuss project progress, our accomplishment, our challenges, coming milestones to meet, plan ahead, solve problems, when everyone will share opinion from a different perspective to reach the best solution, here is where you grow and gain experience.

When I see the result of my own decisions and plans, it brightens my day!

Can you please share advice that you have for other women that are considering construction as a full-time position?

Be ready for a ride full of excitement, joy, challenges and growth. Buckle yourself up with knowledge, hard work and goals. Challenge yourself, take risks and responsibilities and get out of your comfort zone and do not forget to enjoy the journey!

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