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As global demand for prefilled syringes continues to increase, a new format is emerging that utilizes blow-fill-seal (BFS) technology to meet the demand and provide a cost-effective and safe way to deliver injectables to patients around the world. Advances in aseptic BFS have enabled an increasingly wide range of large molecules to be successfully filled and finished using BFS technology, making it suitable and qualified to handle most drug products. The reliability of BFS PFS and the availability of its materials in major markets offers companies a flexible, reliable, and robust supply chain even in challenging global environments.

In this live webcast presented by Pharmaceutical Technology, and sponsored by IPS and ApiJect, a panel including Rob Roy, Director, Aseptic Technology with IPS, as well as the COO and CCO of ApiJect, attendees will:

  • Learn how this BFS technology can enable prefilled syringes to service the entire injectables market.
  • Discuss project execution strategies and tactics employed to achieve the warp speed timeline.
  • Learn how BFS prefilled syringes enable robust and resilient alternate supply chain.

Register for this free webcast here.

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