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In an era marked by escalating environmental concerns, the pursuit of carbon neutrality has become an imperative goal. Governments and industry leaders are taking unprecedented steps to achieve net-zero emissions, with far-reaching implications across sectors. Life Sciences companies in particular, find themselves at the crossroads of sustainability legislation and regulations. 

In this session, we bring together experts from global life science organisations and sector consultants to explore the strategies employed to deliver sustainable facilities in the face of increased sustainability imperatives.

Our panel includes:       

  • Moderator: Gul Dusi, Director, Linesight           
  • Jim Stephanou, CEO, IPS
  • Alan Harmon, Director Linesight           
  • Behzad Torabifar, Senior Director- Head of Sustainability Operations, Genentech/Roche

Our panel discussion will address key topics, including:  

  1. What strategies are leading life science organisations employing to support the ESG agenda through capital project delivery?       
  2. How are sustainability targets and goals impacting capital project approval? What is the impact on life cycle cost?           
  3. What strategies and innovations are required from the supply chain to help achieve reduction in Scope 3 emissions? How can vendors help clients achieve these sustainability goals?           
  4. What are the challenges and opportunities in delivering capital projects based on renewable energy or hybrid.           
  5. What innovative methodologies can be used to optimize building performance to help achieve carbon efficient goals such as AI, Smart Buildings. How can these be applied to legacy buildings?

For more information on this session, visit the ISPE Annual Meeting website.


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