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Synergis Software, a global leader in engineering document management and workflow solutions will join leaders from Merck Sharp & Dohme LLC and IPS-Integrated Project Services, LLC  to present one of the many ways in which MSD is leveraging the Synergis Adept platform to simplify compliance and validation across their global facilities. Attendees will learn how engineering document management can deliver centralized access and control of GxP documents and CAD drawings to improve quality processes and simplify compliance and system validation for FDA 21-CFR Part 11 and EMA Volume 4, Annex 11.

The live 50-minute webinar, hosted by, will take place on Wednesday, November 9, 2022, at 8:00am ET and 2:00pm ET.

The three panelists include:
•    Raymond Kastle, Associate Director, Supply Chain at MSD 
•    John Niziolek, Associate Director Computer Systems Validation and Data Integrity, IPS-Integrated Project Services, LLC
•    Scott Lamond, Vice President of Marketing, Synergis Software

The presentation will address the top document management concerns that Life Sciences organizations face in a regulated industry with a focus on MSD’s specific background, challenges, and approach to building a centralized platform for access and control of their GxP documents. Mr. Kastle will also share MSD’s best practices and lessons learned for implementation and user adoption. Mr. Lamond and Mr. Niziolek will share their companies’ roles in supporting MSD’s document management implementation and validation services, providing expert resources to augment existing staff when required.

Key Learning Objectives:
•    Lower the cost and effort of compliance and validation
•    Reduce risk of noncompliance with streamlined audits
•    Eliminate costly mistakes and safety issues
•    Simplify collaboration and accelerate projects

Register now to reserve your seat, and if you can't attend, register to receive a replay.

Synergis and IPS together bring life sciences and biotech companies the best possible solution for engineering document management software coupled with expertise and resources to ensure compliance and validation. Synergis Software is a global leader in document management and workflow solutions and is the creator of Synergis Adept software. Adept serves more than 120,000 users across dozens of industries providing fast, centralized access to design and business documents in a secure, collaborative environment. Adept Integrator connects your enterprise applications so your data and business processes flow seamlessly across your entire IT infrastructure.



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