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Join Christian Estes, Senior Process Engineer as he discusses Manufacturing of Viral Vectors and the Current Facility Design and Lessons Learned, presented on Stage 3.

The advent of gene and cell therapies utilizing viral vectors is a growing area within the realm of treatment in our generation. These treatments can be made to target either general or specific host tissue types. The viral vectors have a host of uses from gene therapy to vaccine platforms. As these treatments grow in utilization, manufacturing methods must be developed and improved to meet the increasing demand. This presentation will provide a basis for the need for viral vector manufacturing, how different viral vector applications require various manufacturing methods, and a review of the upcoming processing methods.

Attendees will be provided an overview of the uses of viral vectors in gene therapy and vaccine platforms, will be shown versions of the facility set up for the development of viral vector manufacturing based on scale and type, followed by a discussion on available processing methods and equipment that can be utilized for viral vector manufacturing.

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