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IPS is an exhibitor and sponsor at the 29th Annual ISPE-CaSA Life Sciences Technology Conference on February 15, 2022, in person at the Raleigh Convention Center. 

The events of 2020 forced major change within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. From social distancing and working from home to the expedited release of vaccines, we proved that no matter the circumstances, our dedicated professionals and industry leaders will always find a way to push innovation forward.

The uncertainty felt at the height of the pandemic has shifted greatly since then. Growth and prosperity are flourishing as evidenced by vast employment opportunities, novel drug/therapy development, and new businesses flocking to the area in droves. To dig into what our potential needs will look like as well as what the response may be, the 2022 ISPE-CaSA Tech Conference is focusing on three main areas:

  • Technology - Explore new innovations for research, development and manufacturing
  • Talent - Where will firms find their next crop of skilled employees, and how do we train and retain them?
  • Transformation - From unprecedented collaboration, continued growth of gene therapy and the proliferation of novel therapies and technologies we have yet to do we set ourselves up for continued success in an ever-changing landscape?

​Register on the ISPE-CaSA website.

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