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Join us for our first Virtual Career Networking Event where IPS employees and subject matter experts from all levels of our EPCMV divisions will be sharing their stories of working for IPS and will answer your questions. Topic areas will include a discussion of current accomplishments, current projects, and the work/life balance during a pandemic. Join this casual conversation from your home to learn what we have planned for 2021 and how you can make a difference working in the life sciences industry.

Preregistration is required. Please register here.

Breakout discussion rooms will be covered and are as follows:

Executive Senior Leadership & Director Level Room, EPCMV Divisions
Joanne Meloro, Room Host

  • William O’Brien, Sr Director Precon, CM
  • Jon Vine, Director Program Manager, CM
  • Jason Collins, Director of Process Architecture, GST
  • Tom Piombino, Vice President Design
  • Helga Salling, Sr Director, Regional
  • Keith Higgins, Sr Director, Regional
  • Mike Westerman, Sr Director, CQV
  • Jeff Gerstein, Regional Director, CQV
  • David Brown, Vice President, Project Controls
  • Jacob Stephen,  Sr. Director, Americas Business Execution

Managerial Level Experts Room, EPCMV Divisions
William Mangum, Room Host

  • Paula Rokosny, Project Services Manager, CM
  • Matt Buchanan, Project Manager, CM
  • Janine Squire, Project Manager, CQV
  • Meredith Gomez, Senior Project Manager, Design

Group lead Level Experts Room, EPCMV Divisions
Sherry Chen, Room Host

  • Sagar Patel, Project Leader, CQV
  • Elise Kranoski, Project Leader, CQV
  • Emilee Miller, Assistant Project Manager, CM
  • Chandi Hester, Sr Process Engineer
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick, Group Lead Mechanical

Entry- and Mid-Level Experts Room, EPCMV Divisions
Peter Svizeny, Room Host

  • Stefani Petrova , Project Controller I, CM
  • Kersti Cover, Project Engineer I, CM
  • Michael Vagenos, Specialist II, CQV
  • Maria Owsiak, Engineer I, CQV
  • Katie Walke, Project Engineer I, Design

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