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Kevin Owen, IPS Director of Aseptic Technologies, will be delivering two fascinating presentations at the upcoming Lounges - Cleanroom Processes conference in room 3. His presentation will highlight industry best practices when performing dynamic airflow visualizations to achieve a robust and compliant representation of your aseptic process. The importance of airflow visualizations to demonstrate aseptic compliance is explained. The increasing importance of airflow visualizations is discussed in Appendix 1 and the resulting connection between aseptic training and airflow visualizations is clarified. Industry-standard filming best practices and technical settings are shared to enable best-in-class airflow visualizations, with clear guidance on good and bad practices. Good aseptic practices and opportunities to achieve compliant recording of dynamic airflow visualization the first time are highlighted. Rationalizing the number of interventions to be recorded and subsequently reducing plant downtime is an important aspect and the process to achieve this objective is discussed.

For more information visit the Lounges Website.


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