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Join George Todorov, Keith Higgins, Nico Saez, and Aaron Weinstein as they present a 2-hour workshop, Designing Practical and Flexible CDMO Manufacturing Suites and Integrated Facilities to Accommodate the Evolving Landscape of Cell Therapy Processes, as part of the 6th Annual CAR-TCR Summit.
Demand for Cell & Gene Therapy (C&GT) manufacturing capacity is at an all-time high, driving investments into new, flexible, cGMP and support spaces being delivered at accelerated speeds. Developers, owners need to be aware of the nuances of Cell & Gene Therapy facilities and requirements as they look to invest in this developing market. 

This workshop will contextualize and translate some of the key aspects of these facility considerations into a functional approach to prepare innovative fit-for-purpose facilities that maximize process flexibility for future adaptability. 

The agenda will include the following:

  • Characterizing the range of autologous and allogeneic cell therapy and gene therapy processes observed in this developing field
  • Translating the above process basis to equipment lists, unit operations, utility requirements that inform suite layout, program adjacencies, and facility flows 
  • Outlining the complex requirements of C&GT therapy facilities with considerations for viral gene therapies.
  • Optimizing equipment investments using software aided modeling focused on facility throughput, resources, and equipment utilization to inform an efficient and fit-for-purpose facility design that manages capacity and de-risks pipelines
  • Explore a virtual walkthrough of an example C&GT manufacturing facility.
  • Work-session breakouts in which participants roleplay client and process designer.  An example might be that participants would be assigned a set of parameters or program blocks and take the information presented in the meeting to define key adjacencies and spatial relationships to construct a conceptual CAR-T blocking pan.

More information and registration for the conference can be found on their website.

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