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Join Komal Hatti as she presents her poster, "COVID Immunization Challenge in the Emerging Markets," as part of the PDA Annual Conference poster presentation series.

With mass-vaccination programs underway in developed economies, it is important to shift focus towards the rest of the world.

The poster presentation will focus on the emerging markets due to the following reasons:

  • They inhabit roughly 60% of the world’s population. Addressing their needs will be an effective strategy to bring down the overall infection rate.
  • Global trade cannot fully resume until these countries are immunized due to their significant role in international business. 
  • Their purchasing power is low as their GDP is only a quarter of the world’s GDP, but they house almost three-quarters of the world’s population.

Additional hurdles include significant disparities that exist in terms of access to resources and income levels. For example, rural India, with poverty levels of sub-Saharan Africa, coexists with tech hubs resembling American cities. 

This presentation will evaluate unique challenges such as limited vaccine supply, manufacturing capacity shortage, cold chain concerns, poor public health system, and subpar distribution networks. Based on an understanding of these issues, the presentation will review a set of architectural and engineering design solutions such as mobile vaccination unit, which will expedite mass-vaccination programs. 

The presentation will narrow down the research focus to India and present a set of architectural and engineering design solutions that are specific to India. In order to develop relevant and useful engineering concepts, it is necessary to start with a real set of problems. It is the goal that once a set of prototypes is developed, the design method and concepts can be used to develop solutions for other emerging markets.

The presentation will:

  • Bring awareness to a humanitarian crisis: On a fundamental level, it is wrong to accept an ongoing loss of human lives and livelihoods in low and middle-income countries when we have multiple vaccine candidates available to rich nations.
  • Encourage action by proposing solutions: As human beings, rich or poor, we are wired to do the right thing. It is the goal to inspire a handful of others to take action towards ending the pandemic for those who lack the necessary means. Wealthy nations are well-positioned to make a real difference in ending the pandemic worldwide.

Posters can be viewed throughout the course of the conference.  

Learn  more and register here on the PDA website.

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