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Join Leonard Pauzer, Director Process Technology, IPS as he presents on blow fill seal (BFS) technology, available on-demand during the PDA Parenteral Learning Week.

Mr. Pauzer will explore blow fill seal technology and why it is a great option for aseptic processing. A quick comparison of BFS technology to traditional filling operations will also be shared. He will also review how current advancement in blow fill seal technology has led to this form of filling operation to expand in the area of aseptic manufacturing. Specifically, BFS technology has started to be utilized in vaccine production, cold product filling, and prefilled syringe manufacturing. Four of the case studies that will be shared are the first of their kind in utilizing BFS technology. One case study, for example, incorporated cold product filling, utilization of PODs, and vaccine filling. BFS technology brings some unique solutions to the industry but also brings new facility, quality, and process changes that need to be addressed. A review of these solutions and challenges will also be shared with the audience. The presentation will be based on actual projects that have been executed and are in the process of being completed, thus providing the audience with real-world examples and lessons learned from the lead engineer for a majority of the case studies shared.

Attendees of the session will:

  • Obtain an understanding of aseptic blow fill seal technology 
  • Understand the advancements of BFS technology which has improved the sterility of the product 
  • See a comparison of BFS filling versus traditional product filling operations 
  • See design criteria and concepts when developing an EM program for BFS operations 
  • Gain an understanding of the unique design challenges of filling a vaccine on a BFS machine 
  • Review the engineering requirements for cooling vaccines on BFS machines 
  • See an overview of the challenges of integrating BFS machine into PODs (pre-fabricated clean rooms) 
  • See an overview of integrating a syringe needle into a BFS syringe barrel to create a prefilled syringe from plastic resin

This presentation would apply to anyone in the operations, engineering, validation, or quality group who are currently using BFS technology or exploring utilizing BFS technology. Due to the flexibility and uniqueness of BFS technology, it is also applicable for anyone looking for new and innovative ways of filling products. It will assist individuals who are currently using traditional filling methods allowing them to explore alternative filling methods for future products/lines by offering a comparison of this technology to vial and syringe filling systems.

More information and registration can be found on the event registration page.

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